Frequently Asked Questions

In this section are available all information about Frequently Asked Questions. If you are not able to find your answer here or on the website, feel free to drop us an email (usually we answer within 24/48 hours for questions related to the project).

Once again we remember that the Tsurugi Linux project is an open source and totally free project, independent, without any commercial brand or company behind. This project is developed only in our free time and our main goal is just share knowledge, be useful and "give back to the community".

The Tsurugi Linux project is live and running! Here below, just to give you an idea on the project evolution, you can find our roadmap with the planned next steps and several information (keep in mind that they could be modified or replaced in any time):

  • A new release will be published in June 2024 to get the new Kernel and updates
  • The Virtual Machine format will be published in January 2024
  • New conference talks
  • Social media group creation to bring together the community
  • Public Tsurugi Linux custom repository creation
  • Sharing tutorials and demos
  • Bug tracker creation

  • [ Last Roadmap Update: 23/04/2024 ]

  • You can collaborate with the project helping us with your precious feedback
  • Submit bug information
  • Suggesting new tools
  • Suggesting new features
  • Simply sharing your ideas
  • To keep in touch and help to spread the word, click here and follow us on Twitter!
  • Help to check and translate contents in your language (possible in the future)
  • Many people asked us if it's possible to be part of the team, we understand and we really appreciate your devotion for the project but the core team is closed (also for security reason)
  • Tsurugi Linux [LAB] retrieves updates directly from the official Ubuntu repositories and from our official one in the near future
    If you are tempted to upgrade with a "dist-upgrade" command, please don't do it because you risk breaking the OS
  • Tsurugi Acquire is designed to work only in live mode and the updates are provided in each new release by the core team
  • BENTO portable DFIR toolkit has an integrated menu that helps to update all the installed tools
  • A bug tracker will be available in the future but in the meanwhile you can just contact us by email
  • Describe and explain us (in English) how we can reproduce your error
  • Please share only text and screenshots (to avoid us malware analysis on other file type)
  • Be sure to provide us the output of the 'tsurugi_debug_info' command in attachment
  • Please avoid to open Twitter threads for debug problems
  • Given the important number of basic/lazy questions (not related to the project) that could be answered with a simple and single search (such as: how can I add a share to my VM? How can I increase the size of the VM disk? etc etc) we have decided to stop answering these requests
  • Last but not least (and crazy to say) please be polite and respectful, we work to help the community (and for free)
  • “TSURUGI Linux - the sharpest weapon in your DFIR arsenal”