Tsurugi Acquire

Tsurugi Acquire is a lightweight and streamlined version of Tsurugi Linux [LAB], aimed at providing the basic tools needed to boot a PC and acquire mass storage devices.

A small subset of tools is installed to make the whole ISO smaller and its main purpose is to easily reside in RAM, be fast at boot and support as many architectures as possible.

This Linux distribution it's based on Debian 10 with a patched kernel 5.11.6 that is at 32 bits to grant more compatibility and easily run on oldest devices.

A screen resolution detection system is present, to automatically adapt the size of icons and menus in Retina and 4K screens.

What’s more, it's possible to put the whole image to fit in RAM, letting the user remove the pendrive/DVDROM after boot and use the system at high speed, sparing one USB port or the optical reader/writer.

“TSURUGI Linux - the sharpest weapon in your DFIR arsenal”